Transparent Displays

H&M's Conscious Store

In the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam, the pop-up store of H&M appeared. It was an experience store about the philosophy of H&M’s Conscious line.
A magical garden that was inspired by the botanical prints from the new Conscious Experience Collection.

We collaborated with H&M to create 3 animations to reflect this message on LG transparent displays.

Mr.Beam normally is all about breaking through the boundaries of the rectangular screen, but we were more than happy to take on the challenge of creating content for these unique displays. Those screens have touch controls, and with the right content, you can look right through the displays, revealing objects that were hidden behind the screens. Each screen told a different story about their Conscious line. When you were standing in front of the displays, there was a screensaver looping, already teasing what the animations were about. The moment you touched the screen, the animations started. You would follow the flight of ladybug, ending at a cotton plant.
Or go after a droplet of water, which glides of a leaf, into the water. Or chase after a piece of clothing, which can be donated for reuse.

For creating the visuals, we were inspired by the visual style that was being used in the new Conscious Experience Collection. Based on that, we created the storyboards and style frames. The clothes and the props were photographed in the studio. This and the combination of 2d and 3d animation were being used to create the stories.

On location, we did a thorough color correction to get the best results for the transparent effects. Each story ended in revealing the objects hidden behind the transparent displays. When the animations were over, extra lighting was turned on inside the boxes to put the emphasis on these objects.
We enjoyed working with the cutting edge technology and using it for storytelling in the pop-up store.

Concept & Art Direction
Mickey Did It
Audio Composition
Roel Slootman

Creative process

Mr Beam Transparent Display
Mr Beam Transparent Display

Transparent displays at the pop up store

Mr Beam Transparent Display