The Meristem

Utrecht School of the Arts

The Meristem pays an homage to all the hard working art students around the world. It was projected on the conservatory in Utrecht, so to make the music fit the occasion we formed a string quartet with students of the conservatory. The Meristem resembles our view of the creative and development process that many art students go through. We looked back at our development and realised that it was about artistic growth, curiosity, making your way through and knowing that even at difficult times, there is always something that can inspire you back on your feet!

Projections & Animation
Audio Composition
Roel Slootman
Marthe Lasthuis
Virginia Wolleswinkel
Mariska Heijboer Castañon
Double Bass
Laura Nygren

The Utrecht Conservatory

Mr Beam Meristem
Mr Beam Meristem
Mr Beam Meristem

Projected artwork on 3D letters for promotional posters troughout Utrecht.

Mr Beam Meristem

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