WWI 100th Memorial

'Martyr Cities'

At the start of World War 1, when the Germans entered Belgium, the cities of Aarschot, Leuven and Dendermonde were raided. Ever since the end of the war, the cities hold an annual service of remembrance to honour the many victims the raid has caused. From a historical perspective it was important to stay close to the original story of the Martyr Cities, so we decided on a figurative visual mapping that evolves around human figures, the victims. To further emphasise the central role of the people of the Martyr Cities, we worked together with a choir as the main sound element. The visual style was inspired by propaganda posters and paintings made on the battlefront.

Projections & Animation
Mr. Beam
Music & Sound
Roel Slootman
XL Video (PRG)

Winner 'BUMA Music In Motion New Talent Award 2015' for music composition

Digital storyboard for the WW1 100th Memorial
Animated character for WW1 100th Memorial
Animated character for WW1 100th Memorial

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