Insert Coin

Fête des Lumières Lyon

‘Insert Coin’ pays tribute to some of the most iconic childhood videogame titles like PacMan, Galaga and Tekken. An exciting projection mapping story that revolves around Amy, Ike and their dog Chippy, who discover the universe of Bandai Namco through a magical arcade in the basement.

This unique collaboration between Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe and Mr.Beam was made possible by Fête des Lumières Lyon and exhibited on the facade of La Poste.

Over 1.000.000 visitors watched ‘Insert Coin’ in 2017.

Initiated by
La Fête des Lumières Lyon
Commissioned by
Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe
Projections & Animations
Music Composition
Roel Slootman
Sound Design
Aline Bruijns
Technical Partner
Nexxt Technology

Watch the full show below

Creative Process

Lyon fete des lumieres Namco Bandai BASEMENT Poster Visuals

Character Development

Projection Mapping Process

Live experience video mapping at Fête des lumières 2017

Insert Coin
Insert Coin

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