Mr.Beam is a Projection Art studio.
A team of creative experts and artists, devoted to design and develop illuminating content and immersive installations.

We find great satisfaction in collaborating closely and transforming ordinary objects and architecture into extraordinary forms of media.
Our work results in unique, touching experiences that represent our love for projection mapping, story telling, motion design and music composition.

We have worked with

Mr.Beam  |  Netherlands

Ravenoord 1, 3523 DB
Utrecht, Netherlands
+31 (0) 30 820 10 39

Representative  |  China

Jay Lee
+853 6272 9003

Representative  |  USA

Los Angeles
Thijs Bazelmans
+1 (415) 860 8337

Mr.Beam is always looking for new talented artists in different creative areas.
Freelancers, interns, or other ambitious spirits, feel free to send in your portfolio.