HP 75th Anniversary – Behind the scene

A fully projection-mapped short film

In a recent project for HP, we took our skills to the next level. Over 300 projection mapped video layers are pushed through 25 projectors onto 7 set pieces to visualize the story of 75 years of innovations started by HP. The challenge to record this all in one camera take, made this our most complex and advanced video mapping project yet! Check out our making-of video and see what’s what.

“Story of The Martyr Cities”

Leuven (BE)

This stunning square in Leuven (BE) will be the stage for Mr.Beam’s “Story of The Martyr Cities” (Het Verhaal van de Martelaarsteden)
This Sunday & Monday 21:00 @ Mgr. Ladeuzeplein, Leuven (BE)

Hope to see you there!

1914 – 2014

In 1914 German troops crossed the Belgian border, looting cities and villages, making several civilian casualties and destroying centuries-old heritage. Aarschot, Leuven and Dendermode especially bore the brunt, which is why they are called “The Martyr Cities”.

This year these cities will organise several activities to commemorate the events of one hundred years ago. Mr.Beam is honoured to contribute to this memorial by telling the story of these cities through a projected animation.

16/08 Aarschot (BE)
24/08 Leuven (BE)
25/08 Leuven (BE)
05/09 Dendermonde (BE)

Museum Boerhaave

Science Museum in Leiden

Happy Friday boys and girls. Here are some great pictures of Mr.Beam’s installation for Museum Boerhaave in Leiden (Netherlands). Opening soon.

– Pictures by Mike Bink –

Las Vegas

Shining an extra bright light in Las Vegas today!
Will tell you all about it soon.

Camera rolls,


More than 20 projectors.
Over 300 video layers.
And 1 big button to control them all!

Camera rolls, and…ACTION!

Boerhaave Museum


Here are some preview images of Mr.Beam’s installation for the Boerhaave Museum in Leiden (Netherlands). An exciting journey about 400 years of European science, presented in a 360° projection mapping film.

Lots of science, lots of fun!
The official opening in July.

Looking for interns

at Mr Beam

Motion Design and Animation students!

Mr.Beam is offering new internship opportunities for this summer / September 2014.

“They are taking the trend Sensory Fetishism to the next level!”

Short review

A short review Mr.Beam’s presentation in Tilburg a few days ago. Sensory Fetishism, I guess it has a nice ring to it.


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